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~ play guitar,  I can help !

Whether online, or in studio, I'll share information and techniques that I've gathered over years of study, performing, writing and teaching.    



The following few pages of chords are moveable up and down the neck  ie; no open string voicings . . .  There are at least 2 versions of each chord type one with the root on the 6th string another with the root on the 5th string and in most cases a voicing with the root on the 4th string. Valuable info for playing in all 12 keys!

next 2 pgs. a little chord etude in 1st position (open)  covering all 12 keys I called it the Clarinet position because the written range of the clarinet is E bellow the staff to 4 or 5 ledger lines above. Same as guitar!

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 2.53.50 PM.png
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